Overcoming barriers to create a Secondary Raw Materials Market – Ohana Consultancy

Meet our new sustainability consultant – and learn how her expertise can help your company or organization engage with the EU and go green.
— Leggi su www.ohanapublicaffairs.eu/en/2021/06/27/secondary-raw-materials-market/


Nearly 60% of Sustainable Fashion Claims Are Greenwashing, Report Finds

Nearly 60% of all fashion brands’ sustainability claims are simply greenwashing and misleading consumers, a new report says.
— Leggi su www.greenqueen.com.hk/fashion-brands-sustainability-claims-greenwashing/

Fabric sensors used to develop ‘smart environments’

Fabric sensors used to develop ‘smart environments’
— Leggi su www.tevonews.com/research-news/2821-fabric-sensors-used-to-develop-smart-environments

New tech helps fashion spot supply chain red flags – Apparel Insider

A US business has developed new technology which helps fashion brands to screen for forced labour in supply chains
— Leggi su apparelinsider.com/new-tech-helps-fashion-spot-supply-chain-red-flags/

Modular Fashion – the next big thing?

Modular Fashion – the next big thing?

Source: Modular Fashion – the next big thing?

OnceMore® by Södra

OnceMore® by Södra
— Leggi su www.sodra.com/en/global/pulp/oncemorebysodra/

CircSTRETCH Compostable Knits | stsc

Source: CircSTRETCH Compostable Knits | stsc

Adidas invests in fibre innovator Spinnova

Adidas invests in fibre innovator Spinnova

Source: Adidas invests in fibre innovator Spinnova

About Us-EcoCosy®

Source: About Us-EcoCosy®

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