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IL BELLO E IL BUONO: le ragioni della moda sostenibile (The Beautiful and the Good: reasons for sustainable fashion)

The Beautiful and the Good is a book by Maria Luisa Frisa and Marco Ricchetti.

Maria Luisa Frisa is now the director of Fashion and Design course at IUAV in Venice.
Marco Ricchetti is an economist, CEO of Hermes Lab and lecturer in Economy of Fashion at IED Milano.

The official launch will be the occasion for a very interesting talk on sustainable fashion with few of the most influent people within the Italian Fashion System. The presence of the authors alongside Anna Zegna, vice-president of the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana (Italian Fashion Chamber), Michele Tronconi, president of Sistema Moda Italia (Italian Fashion System), Raffaello Napoleone, Pitti Immagine – CEO, and others will give to the presentation of the book an interesting perspective. The chance will be not only to talk about materials, certifications and ethics but also, and substantially, about esthetics and markets, two basic arguments if we want Sustainable Fashion to continue experimenting, innovating and bringing success and work to different sectors of the Textile and Fashion Industry.

the appointment is for June the 7th, 11am, at Tremelloni/Politeca Library of Politecnico di Milano/Bovisa Campus, Via Durando 10 – 20158 Milano.

Impronte di pace: peace steps

Peace Steps is probably not the best translation of “Impronte di pace“, it would be better to talk about footprints or footmarks, but at the end of the day the meaning would be there: going somewhere towards peace. The idea behind this project is very much rooted in what really Fair Trade means. Peace can be reached trough work, from this assumption a small Italian NGO’s, Vento di Terra and a Fair Trade Cooperative, Nazca, started a shoemaking workshops in Palestine two refugee settlements near Jerusalem and Ramallah. Their presence at Tutta un Altra Festa, yearly Fair Trade event in Milan, is always a positive sign for the entire italian Fair Trade scenario, showing that new and challenging initiatives are possible and properly welcome by World Shops and costumers.

The production is arrived now to its second season and thanks to an Italian shoe expert, started to mode a little further, introducing new colours beside the leather ones and new products.

The potential and the capacity this project are promising, now it is time to consolidate business channels and find new markets to keep production going, introducing a winter collection and implementing always new innovative products.

You can find Impronte di Pace sandals and accessories in most of Italian Fair Trade Shops and online

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