Dalaleo: The stylish connections of recycling

It was destiny that made Luisa Leonardi Scomazzoni start her company Dalaleo. She was on holiday in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, she bought a bag because she liked it, discovered the story behind it and gave a twist to her life.

Throughout the streets of this beautiful country – Luisa tells – I continuously saw men with big sacks collecting used cans rummaging through the rubbish. I found out they were collecting the cans for aluminium recycling as a form of income for the poorest families. Because of the creation of these products the pullrings are now taken off and sold separately to the workers of the product you are looking at now. They start the procedure by selecting, hammering, washing, polishing and drying the pullrings then their skilful hands start to work with crochet needle and thread. All this happens in the poorest areas of Salvador de Bahia… the fantastic thing from my point of view is that these people have given life to a product which is useless and insignificant to us. They have collected the raw material and this is the result. This is the story…the story I wanted to know, the story behind this bag that I saw one day and bought because I liked the look of it. Tell this story to the person who buys this product…because then.. they may ..like it even more as I did.

On top of this Dalaleo accessories have got pretty designs, brilliant look, high quality finishes and manufacture (as seen in Milan at White and in Paris at Premiere Class). A wise use of threads and lace work and peculiar shapes and forms give to these line all the value it deserves, reaching one of the highest point in connecting fashion and sustainability.

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