B-Origin: Italian Wool for Italian Wholegarments

The wool production in Italy is a serious thou complicated issue. Different projects like the Biella Wool Company, the Arianne Consortium and others are trying to rebuilt a supply chain and market for this important and highly valuable fiber. If then we combine these first serious attempts, the technology and experience of a knitting company like HI-Tex and a considerable dose of sustainability, the result will be for sure interesting.

This is how B-Origin come about, the effort of Hi-Tex in collaboration with ENEA and the University of Teramo, to realize a first collection of knitted garments made by 100% Italian wool. To complete the sustainable content of B-Origin clothes at Hi-Tex they took two specific decisions, first to use their in-house technology and knowledge in wholegarment production and second to use only vegetable dyes.

Thanks to the wholegarment technology the production efficiency is 100%, since a garment comes out of the knitting machine entirely made, it just need a label and a price tag. The dying and finishing is then done by the Tintoria di Quaregna, probably the most advanced vegetable dying facility in Italy.

B-Origin is a young and promising brand, with a clear and sustainable vision, ready to take the entrepreneurial risk of taking new and unexplored directions, sure the market is ready to receive the innovative approach B-Origin brings.

  1. October 12th, 2012

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