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war and post war inspiration for Giulia rien à mettre F/W 2012

It is a great pleasure to introduce the new collection by Giulia rien à mettre, their attention to details, colours, fabrics and of course overall sustainability. The inspiration comes from war and post war fashion, austerity and elegance for a timeless look.

The dresses have the allure of a governess and the charm of a spy woman. Pencil skirts, padded shoulders, defined waistlines, hemlines reaching the knee and a slim-fit rigorous silhouette.

The color – during war years – was considered frivolous, this collection dares to play with unexpected combinations of colors like emerald, camel, burgundy and orange.

To celebrate femininity in curvy tailoring, attenuating the rigidity that characterized the previous decade, Giulia rien à mettre added a glimpse into the 50s essence with ample skirts, combining modern elegance with a timeless femininity.

A collection that expresses the contrasting dualism of the woman, ethereal but yet self-confident: the impalpable fabrics like silk and hemp organdy are contrasted to those more textured such as hemp and wool, and earth tones color palette are juxtaposed to strong colors.

The choice of Aimsha Silk shows continuity with Giulia’s previous works. Hemp is probably the most sustainable natural fiber available and is no surprise to it used extensively in both light and heavier fabrics.

As already mentioned in a previous post, Giulia rien à mettre will be showing at White Milano (Superstudio più – Via Tortona 27) stand 104, and at Progetto Showroom – Via Archimede 6, Milan.

Approaching Milan Fashion Week

Fashion season in reaching its climax in these weeks, after the great beginning in north of Europe is now time for New York and Milan. For sure Sustainability is receiving a privileged place in these season and the large amount of articles and reportages issued are a proof of it.

This morning with a press conference at Milan Municipality the upcoming edition of White Milan was lunched. In the opening words of Stefanio Boeri – municipal councilor for culture – he clearly stated that Milan must be proud and attentive to Fashion, Creativity and Sustainability as expression of culture and business. This lead the speech of Massimiliano Bizzi – White Group President – in introducing all aspects of this season edition of the show.



Of course the section White Goes Green with C.L.A.S.S. is the sustainability manifesto of this event, without forgetting that are many the exhibitors who will take part in the other areas of White, mixing themselves with all the other brands and excelling in terms of design and research. From Dalaleo to km/a , from Silent People to Saisei, from Regenesi to Giulia Rien à Mettre – moving to white from Touch! Neozone Cloudnine.

This season the Pitti Immagine organized event will host for the second time Green Closet, event dedicated to UK Ethical Fashion, organized by the British Consulate General Milan and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). All together there will be represented some 15 brands – individually, by distributors or collectives – with the special by Vivianne Westwood with her bags collection produced for the Ethical Fashion Africa Project.

White and its sustainable partner C.L.A.S.S. will also go international and in these next days will start a new adventure in New York part of the Fashion Week and liked to Fashion Coterie. A total of 50 brands – 3 under the umbrella of White Goes Green with C.L.A.S.S. – and a special event, a panel organized by Parsons The New School for Design on “Rethinking Fashion: Design Responsibility”. To introduce this at the press conference was present also James Mandolia, Fashion Marketing Director at Parsons.

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