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Giovanni Scafuro’s ForkInProgress – accessories new life

Repurposing old, used objects and turning them into something new, it’s a consolidated practice in many aspects of fashion, home decore, design and even architecture. Not always this brings to something really new, with a new allure and appeal.

It is exactly this that gives to Giovanni Scafuro’s work that extra content that goes beyond the intrinsic sustainability of repurposing objects.

Forks and any kind of cutlery, keys and key holes, knitting needles, ceramic plates and tea cups and even money are some of the raw material Giovanni turns through his vision into fashion accessories, homeware and pieces of art.

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Altriluoghi: “This is not fast fashion! Proudly made in Italy.”

Ambitious yet respectful of the future, this the programme Altriluoghi has.

To try to strike the balance between new basic and new luxury might seem difficult but the use of the best fair trade organic cotton and a substantial dose of creativity just did the trick.

T-shirts, hoodies and underwear, with irony and bright colours (rigorously eco or even vegetable), this is the range Altriluoghi offers. Each piece has his story to tell his background that makes it interesting, attractive and desirable.

Everything is communication and for Altriluoghi this is the first message. All products speak about themselves about all production and buying choices behind them.

Silent People – the luxury side of recycling

When a raw material has intrinsic aesthetic and performance qualities and is permeated with stories and people the remaking process might seem easy and almost natural. It is at this stage when the need for vision, design and taste are most important and when experience and beauty become essential.

Silent People by Franco Armilla e Filippo Biancoli are undoubtedly representing this effort. Rigorous selective research allows them to discover vintage leather and material pieces special due to their usury and shape. This is the raw material and from here the luxury side of recycling is shown and repurposed at its best.

Bags, accessories and now also unique garment pieces are brought again to the market. Fascinating for the stories they carry and the “once forgotten” look they transmit, indeed a great example of artisanal and avant-garde aesthetics.

Filo – a fair of threads

Fashion Weeks are still on, but the textile industry cannot wait, another circle of production has to start.
Trends have been already set, ideas have been already developed, so it is time for the yarn industry to meet their costumares, the textile producers, with their new yarns for Spring Summet 2014.
FILO – International Yarn Exhibition is a fixed appointment since many years now. It gathers in Milan more then 80 yarn producers from Italy and abroad with an increasing number of foreign exhibitors and visitors.

As usually also this 38th edition saw the presence of many sustainable products presented by almost a quarter of the companies, with an increased visibility. Many the posters and banners stating the sustainability either of the processes or of the raw materials with special attention to both the environment and the society.
This is indeed a positive sign hoping that this newly acquired input in communication will pass on to the next fase in the textile chain to reach all levels in it.
Interesting the increased use of Tencel and Modal Edelweiss in different productions and mixes. Many the companies that focused on Organic Cotton and Fair Trade Cotton giving to the buyers a large choice for both knitting and weaving. Also other natural fibres were strongly present, above all Ramiè and Hemp. Recycling is a theme touched only by a few of the exhibitors but with an interesting range of products from R-PET from plastic bottles to Recycled Cotton.
Many the international certifications presented by the producers, worth to be mentioned the “Made in Green” one.

Made in Green is a triple certificate that is unique in Europe and has been created and applied by the Textile Technology Centre, AITEX. The label certifies all manufacturing processes in three aspects: health, environmental protection and the universal human rights of workers and which, in addition, decrees that any company or product bearing the “made in Green” certificate is free of harmful substances and that the goods have been manufactured respecting the environment and the workers human rights. (from

Gomitolo Rosa: a pink wool ball against cancer

Women must weave their own health.

A simple thing like pink wool balls – Gomitolo Rosa – will become a new fundraising tool for many italian organizations involved in fighting brast cancer and for its prevention.

The intent is to meet the needs of two very different groups: the organizations’ need for funds and the wool growers’ need of making a profit (and not a loss) from their sheep wool. This last is a known issue in the textile industry. Since few years now both the Italian and the European legislation consider wool as a special refuse (before was already a byproduct) therefor cannot be left in the fields or burned. In Italy there are only a couple of projects trying to give back its value to local wool: the Consortium Arianne (see a previous post: b-origin italian wool for italian wholegarments) and Biella The Wool Company.

This last is a not-for-profit company created by a group of experts from small and medium wool companies from the Biella Textile District. It offers its services directly to wool growers on the entire wool production chain. The Company guarantees the full teachability of all its products, in full respect of people and environment.

Fundraising it is, beside the issue they fight for, the main concern for voluntary based organizations. In this case the idea was to give visibility and support to wool growers while creating a nonperishable fundraising good. The “Gomitolo Rosa” is all this. By selling wool balls, in all their public initiatives  the organizations want to encourage people to take advantage of the wool and make something out of it. Knitting, DIY and regaining the freedom on creating things with our hands, this is the push behind the support one can give to the fight against brast cancer by getting the “Gomitolo Rosa“.

All together a great example of how an excellence (Italian Wool) can turn into a solidarity tool. At the end a win win project for all people, organizations and companies involved.

after a long summer silence…

It is quite some time that Ethicalista is silent.
There are no excuses for it, but during these past months time passed without realizing nothing was posted on the blog.
Hope you will all accept our apologies and continue follow us.

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