Ethical Fashion, Fair Trade and Sustainability three things we really care about.

If on one hand one can do much to change the world, on the other sharing information and knowledge is crucial.

The scene for a more sustainable fashion in Italy is at its beginning and the room for an interesting and steady growth is there.

In this blog we will try to portray brands, businesses, fairs, ideas that might help each and everyone of us to do our little part to twist this world towards a stylish and long lasting one!

We are fair trade and ethical fashion consultants working with brands, fairs, publishers and producers in their attempt to always increase sustainability.

Alberto Saccavini and Valentina Simeoni

write: ethicalista@gmail.com
skype: albertosaccavini
twitter: saccavini

  1. Look forward to reading more about ethical fashion developments in Italy! A great idea to blog about it.

      • ethicalista
      • September 11th, 2011

      Thanks! stay tuned for more.

    • Isy
    • December 14th, 2012

    il sito è solo in versione inglese?

      • ethicalista
      • December 14th, 2012

      al momento si, se vuoi delle info particolari scrivimi pure e ti rispondo, in italiano

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