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Livia Firth more then anybody else has been able to turn the red carpet into a GREEN one!

Her involvement in Sustainable Fashion is known, she is also very aware of the chance she is given each time she has to accompany her husband, Colin Firth, on a red carpet. The exposure on the media is massive and the attention at how each celebrity is dressed is a crucial point in any article or reportage.

Today again another of these chances. Colin was honored a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Livia was wearing Stewart+Brown and Riccardo Rizieri shoes.

Livia and Colin Firth

Livia, Colin and the STAR! - from

She will of course relaunch her Green Carpet Challenge for 2011, you can follow on her blog on

Beside all this let’s not forget the work she does, together with her two brothers Nicola and Alessandro Giuggioli, at Eco Age, a shop, a showroom, but not only. This is what they say:

Eco is an exciting new retail concept and the first of its kind – a store, showroom, consultancy and green hub that offers inspiration, ideas and specific domestic solutions for all those who want to lead a greener and more energy efficient life

Reading an interview she gave to the italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore (in italian) she mentioned the imminent opening, in 2011 – so this year, of an Eco Age also in Milan. This will be a very important step for Ethical Fashion in Italy, and we really look forward for more information on this.


THEKEY.TO is the international fair for green fashion, sustainable lifestyle and culture in Berlin and has established itself firmly as part of the Berlin Fashion Week programme. Already it is recognised as one of the most important platforms in its sector – The world of Green Fashion.

THEKEY.TO CONSPIRACY offers the upheaval a forum: ”It is a good-hearted Conspiracy.”, says Gereon Pilz van der Grinten, founder of THEKEY.TO: “Pioneering brands, innovative chains of distribution and influential networks team up at THEKEY.TO to a powerful, ever growing commu- nity. We want to mobilize, and by this give the evolution of a ‘world- conscious’ fashion the neces- sary impulse: The growth of the industry is to change the world.”

Frans Prins, founder of THEKEY.TO: “Since initiating THEKEY.TO two years ago the number of green fashion brands presented at the Berlin Fashion Week has increased from 20 to more than 100. The conventional industry is slowly following suit with their own eco-offerings. Green fashion is proving to be not only a trend, and is starting to make its way into the mainstay of society. THEKEY.TO offers the growing industry a foundation for economic success and inspiration and buying agents a high-grade choice in innovation.”

We are a conspiratorial sustainable-fashion-mob disguised as a trade show

The Italian presence at this winter edition includes some very interesting brands:


Campeche: from the past to a sustainable future

It was the end of the XIX century when the Dye Workshop Tintoria Clerici was born. The experience generated in over 120 years brought the fourth generation of the Clerici family to take up a new challenge, recovering ancient vegetable dyeing techniques and reinterpreting them in a modern perspective. Campeche was born in 2009 to gather all these ideas and show how sustainable fashion is really possible.


The result are 100% eco-friedly polo shirts, scarves and other accessories. All materials are natural – flax, wool, silk – and the cotton is organic. All dyes are GOTS certified.

Uneven colours that change over time and usage do the rest turning each product into unique pieces.


Looking for Vegan shoes in the italian market i remembered Bioworld/Altrescarpe. They are not actually Italian but Spanish artisans and they do not only make Vegan shoes but also vegetable tanned leather ones.

Courbet in Lorica - Bioworld/Altrescapre

Courbet in Lorica - Bioworld/Altrescapre

Looking more carefully into their Vegan line appears that what is really “Made in Italy” is the high tech leather called Lorica they use. The mystery now was what actually Lorica is? I checked the website of Lorica Sud SRL the company who patented this material and they give this description:

Lorica, initially, appears in raw sheets with a very flexible appearance and with conspicuous puckering: from the initial microscopic section-analysis, it is possible to identify the great similarity with animal hides even though it is an entirely synthetic material. The idea to combine polymer and tanning technologies originated, carrying out the processing of unrefined Lorica (composed of polyurethane and polyamide microfiber) extremely suitable for sustaining the necessary and intense transformation procedure, in order to obtain “real hi-tech leather”. Lorica was designed to satisfy the wide-ranging and demanding requirements of the current market in an environmentally-friendly way. The products used in the various Lorica manufacturing phases are in fact neither toxic nor harmful to man or the environment. Lorica is an innovative material that scores excellent results in bio-medical tests: the analysis carried out in specialized centers firm that Lorica is a non-allergic, non-ssitive and non-irritating product.

The results is probably the most eco-freindly substitute of leather and Bioworld/Altrescarpe turns it into very nice shoes, with a great feel and super waterproof. On top of this let’s not forget: totally vegan.

Ethical Fashion in Milan? Where to buy

A new shop has opened this autumn in Milan. Equo Logo is a nice and quiet space in the center of Brera, one of the most fascinating and art-prone areas of the city. Everything starts from Color Naturae a brand realizing garments knitted or in jersey, dyed with natural or eco-friendly colours, all Made in Italy.

In the shop beside their our products they propose other brands:

Bioworld – Altrescarpe
Artisanal shoes made in Spain with vegetable tanned leather or Lorica, a Vegan Friendly material.
Accessories and garments all in vegetable dyes GOTS certified.
Coats, jackets and other vests made in Afghanistan by a Cooperative with and Italian twist. Locally produced fabrics, ancient patterns and fine embroidery give to these pieces an ethnic-chic look.

And many other brands and interesting products.


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