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Moda sostenibile: la parola d’ordine è unire «etica ed estetica»

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Il presidente della Camera nazionale della moda: «Siamo al momento della presa di coscienza su processi e materiali»

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Eccentric Fashion – sustainable production out of the box

Eccentric Fashion – sustainable production out of the box

This is the title of a conference that will take place on the 6th of May in Milan at the Catholic University. Starting from the sustainability and responsibility values typical of the direction taken by different brands, cooperatives and companies in these last years as result of a research of materials and techniques with low impact on environment and human rights, this conference wants to begin a discourse on unusual forms of creativity, suggesting possible new scenarios. Few examples of practices in this direction, diffused on the italian territory, will be presented:

  • three jail cooperatives: Alice Ecolab from Milan, Officina creativa from Lecce
  • one cultural association from the Turin local detention center: la casa di pinocchio
  • one cooperative working with psychiatric cases: UrOBuro from Milan
  • and the brand Cangiari part of a social consortium working with mafia confiscated goods
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