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Moda etica: la prima azienda Fair Trade dell’Africa –

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Moda etica: la prima azienda Fair Trade dell’Africa
africa fair trade abbigliamento Liberty & Justice è la prima fabbrica di abbigliamento certificata Fair Trade dell’Africa.

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Patagonia to Offer Fair-Trade-Certified Apparel Starting Fall 2014 | Ecouterre

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Patagonia will be offering fair-trade-certified apparel starting with nine styles in the Fall 2014 season.

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People Tree is first clothing brand to receive the new WFTO Fair …

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People Tree is delighted to announce we are the world’s first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade product mark. The mark reflects our commitment to Fair Trade throughout our supply …

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Moda etica: Salewa nella Fair Wear Foundation per migliorare le condizioni di lavoro

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Il Gruppo OberAlp è diventato membro della Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) con i brand Salewa e Dynafit, per poter lavorare intensamente a un miglioramento delle condizioni di lavoro dei propri fornitori.

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kowtow – 100% certified fair trade organic cotton clothing – Looks

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100% certified fair trade organic cotton clothing

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Ethiopia: The world’s first Fair Trade Certified™ footwear manufacturing factory

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Oliberté’s factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: The world’s first Fair Trade Certified™ footwear manufacturing factory We’ve been excited about this for months now, since our team’s first meetings in …

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Ancient Techniques for Modern Style – Bertozzi Hand Printing

Printing textiles with wood blocks is, since ancient times, a widely used technique for both simple and extremely elaborated designs. Well known are the Indian and Chinese blockprints brought back to their old beauty and diffusion by many Fair Trade Projects around the world.
Even though historically well known through out the world, this textile printing technique is today still widely in use mainly in India.
Nevertheless few excellent examples of this skillful artisanal art remain also in Italy. The Stamperia Bertozzi is indeed one of these. Since 1920 they produce

textiles that tell stories
ancient and charming gestures are renewed today, to create unique and personalized pieces, that identify your home and your style.

This is an effort that not simply results in exceptional products but also in the transmission to future generations of a beautiful technique in between art and crafts.

Altriluoghi: “This is not fast fashion! Proudly made in Italy.”

Ambitious yet respectful of the future, this the programme Altriluoghi has.

To try to strike the balance between new basic and new luxury might seem difficult but the use of the best fair trade organic cotton and a substantial dose of creativity just did the trick.

T-shirts, hoodies and underwear, with irony and bright colours (rigorously eco or even vegetable), this is the range Altriluoghi offers. Each piece has his story to tell his background that makes it interesting, attractive and desirable.

Everything is communication and for Altriluoghi this is the first message. All products speak about themselves about all production and buying choices behind them.

Filo – a fair of threads

Fashion Weeks are still on, but the textile industry cannot wait, another circle of production has to start.
Trends have been already set, ideas have been already developed, so it is time for the yarn industry to meet their costumares, the textile producers, with their new yarns for Spring Summet 2014.
FILO – International Yarn Exhibition is a fixed appointment since many years now. It gathers in Milan more then 80 yarn producers from Italy and abroad with an increasing number of foreign exhibitors and visitors.

As usually also this 38th edition saw the presence of many sustainable products presented by almost a quarter of the companies, with an increased visibility. Many the posters and banners stating the sustainability either of the processes or of the raw materials with special attention to both the environment and the society.
This is indeed a positive sign hoping that this newly acquired input in communication will pass on to the next fase in the textile chain to reach all levels in it.
Interesting the increased use of Tencel and Modal Edelweiss in different productions and mixes. Many the companies that focused on Organic Cotton and Fair Trade Cotton giving to the buyers a large choice for both knitting and weaving. Also other natural fibres were strongly present, above all Ramiè and Hemp. Recycling is a theme touched only by a few of the exhibitors but with an interesting range of products from R-PET from plastic bottles to Recycled Cotton.
Many the international certifications presented by the producers, worth to be mentioned the “Made in Green” one.

Made in Green is a triple certificate that is unique in Europe and has been created and applied by the Textile Technology Centre, AITEX. The label certifies all manufacturing processes in three aspects: health, environmental protection and the universal human rights of workers and which, in addition, decrees that any company or product bearing the “made in Green” certificate is free of harmful substances and that the goods have been manufactured respecting the environment and the workers human rights. (from

Ethicalista @ Ethics Girls

Ethics Girls is an UK based online fashion and accessories shop, but also a magazine and a place for people interested in shopping Ethical Fashion, Fair Trade and Green living.

Lately they have published a “10 top ten Ethical Fashion Pin Boards to follow in 2012” explaining that

at Ethics Girls, we really love the new addition to the world of social media, Pinterest!
We love the creative ease of which we can switch from inspiring upcycling and recycling ideas to cute animal photos and then tempting recipes within a few clicks. We give you our count down on the Pin Boards to follow if you love Ethical Fashion as much as we do.

We are very proud to announce that Ethicalista pin board on Pinterest has been shortlisted together with many other great colleagues and friends.

Thanks to Ethics Girls for their appreciation. 

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