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Filo – a fair of threads

Fashion Weeks are still on, but the textile industry cannot wait, another circle of production has to start.
Trends have been already set, ideas have been already developed, so it is time for the yarn industry to meet their costumares, the textile producers, with their new yarns for Spring Summet 2014.
FILO – International Yarn Exhibition is a fixed appointment since many years now. It gathers in Milan more then 80 yarn producers from Italy and abroad with an increasing number of foreign exhibitors and visitors.

As usually also this 38th edition saw the presence of many sustainable products presented by almost a quarter of the companies, with an increased visibility. Many the posters and banners stating the sustainability either of the processes or of the raw materials with special attention to both the environment and the society.
This is indeed a positive sign hoping that this newly acquired input in communication will pass on to the next fase in the textile chain to reach all levels in it.
Interesting the increased use of Tencel and Modal Edelweiss in different productions and mixes. Many the companies that focused on Organic Cotton and Fair Trade Cotton giving to the buyers a large choice for both knitting and weaving. Also other natural fibres were strongly present, above all Ramiè and Hemp. Recycling is a theme touched only by a few of the exhibitors but with an interesting range of products from R-PET from plastic bottles to Recycled Cotton.
Many the international certifications presented by the producers, worth to be mentioned the “Made in Green” one.

Made in Green is a triple certificate that is unique in Europe and has been created and applied by the Textile Technology Centre, AITEX. The label certifies all manufacturing processes in three aspects: health, environmental protection and the universal human rights of workers and which, in addition, decrees that any company or product bearing the “made in Green” certificate is free of harmful substances and that the goods have been manufactured respecting the environment and the workers human rights. (from

Ethicalista lecture @ Fashion Institute of Technology in Milan

Ethicalista has been invited for the second time to give a lecture on “Fashion and Sustainability” at the Politecnico di Milano.

This time around not to the italian students but to those who participate in the International Fashion Design program of the  Fashion Institute of Technology – FIT. We are extremely proud of this chance.

The lecture will take place on Thursday 22nd March, starting 2.00 pm, room CT 46 Bovisa Campus – Via Durando 10, Milano.

The Ethicalista Lecture Series is not finished… more soon!

war and post war inspiration for Giulia rien à mettre F/W 2012

It is a great pleasure to introduce the new collection by Giulia rien à mettre, their attention to details, colours, fabrics and of course overall sustainability. The inspiration comes from war and post war fashion, austerity and elegance for a timeless look.

The dresses have the allure of a governess and the charm of a spy woman. Pencil skirts, padded shoulders, defined waistlines, hemlines reaching the knee and a slim-fit rigorous silhouette.

The color – during war years – was considered frivolous, this collection dares to play with unexpected combinations of colors like emerald, camel, burgundy and orange.

To celebrate femininity in curvy tailoring, attenuating the rigidity that characterized the previous decade, Giulia rien à mettre added a glimpse into the 50s essence with ample skirts, combining modern elegance with a timeless femininity.

A collection that expresses the contrasting dualism of the woman, ethereal but yet self-confident: the impalpable fabrics like silk and hemp organdy are contrasted to those more textured such as hemp and wool, and earth tones color palette are juxtaposed to strong colors.

The choice of Aimsha Silk shows continuity with Giulia’s previous works. Hemp is probably the most sustainable natural fiber available and is no surprise to it used extensively in both light and heavier fabrics.

As already mentioned in a previous post, Giulia rien à mettre will be showing at White Milano (Superstudio più – Via Tortona 27) stand 104, and at Progetto Showroom – Via Archimede 6, Milan.

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