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Quagga: from extinction to re-birth

The Quagga project aimed to create and distribute protective winter clothing highly  attentive to environmental sustainability and  ethical responsibility. The team behind this brand comes from different backgrounds but all were involved with leading international clothing brands. With time realized how the fashion industry was damaging the planet and the people and how this information was likely stating to propagate making an increasingly important part of the public more responsible.

The complexity of the manufacturing process – Quagga Team says in their website – and the use of very different materials (waterproof fabrics for outdoors, inner linings, padding, metal elements, artificial or synthetic fibres for accessories and finishings, supports for labels, and tags), makes it extremely difficult to certify the entire supply chain, as instead occurs in projects for non-complex (but still of great value – Editor’s Note) fair trade clothing, such as T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and various accessories. This is very difficult, but not impossible, and we have succeeded in it. So much so that our efforts were rewarded with the only certification that the ICEA, the prestigious Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, has ever awarded to complex clothing items.

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In Quagga’s 2011-12 A/W collection, 6 different models are presented for both Men and Women. The is urban with a great attention to details and shapes. Of course the materials and manufacture are an important aspect of Quagga’s jackets and ,thanks to transparency approach the brand wants to have with its costumers, an amazing “map of suppliers” (only in Italian) shows where each component is produced, finished or tailored.

Eccentric Fashion – sustainable production out of the box

Eccentric Fashion – sustainable production out of the box

This is the title of a conference that will take place on the 6th of May in Milan at the Catholic University. Starting from the sustainability and responsibility values typical of the direction taken by different brands, cooperatives and companies in these last years as result of a research of materials and techniques with low impact on environment and human rights, this conference wants to begin a discourse on unusual forms of creativity, suggesting possible new scenarios. Few examples of practices in this direction, diffused on the italian territory, will be presented:

  • three jail cooperatives: Alice Ecolab from Milan, Officina creativa from Lecce
  • one cultural association from the Turin local detention center: la casa di pinocchio
  • one cooperative working with psychiatric cases: UrOBuro from Milan
  • and the brand Cangiari part of a social consortium working with mafia confiscated goods

Tire Tubes… the italian way

Most of our cars use tubeless tires nevertheless are millions the inner tubes dumped in landfills or burnt often just on the road side.

Designers all around the world have explored the potential of this material, actually a very polluting and environmentally dangerous one. Starting from a dark and uneven surface like tire tubes to create fashion accessories has not be easy. The results are though extremely interesting and worth a look.

Heidi Ritsch

Well known for her bags from cars and trucks inner tubes, now she is presenting a new line of belts made out of recycled bicycle tires and tubes. She is one of the pioneers of Italian Ethical Fashion, always ahead in design and sustainability. Her products are made mainly in collaboration with Hands a social cooperative in Bolzano helping people with alcohol and drugs problems.

Hell’s Kitchen

Probably the most elegant and sophisticated recycled material collection of bags and accessories in the Italian scene. To find Hell’s Kitchen products in concept stores, like Merci in Paris, is a pleasure and is more then probable:

Materials such as heavy duty inner tubes, car seat-belts, t-shirts, shirts etc are strictly recycled and carefully elaborated and are brought back to life in a different form as bags and unique and charming accessories. Take a seat at my kitchen table and savour the dishes I’ve prepared, but be careful… that you don’t grow a tail as well!!
Hell’s Kitchen 100% Chic Recycle!

Marco Lai says


Two very young designers, a city like Turin and lot of hard work are the ingredients of Mnmur. Knitting and sewing bicycle inner tubes with recycled canvas and other car parts, they present an interesting and always growing collections of bags and accessories.

Lorena Giuffrida

Her ideas and creativity shows how this recycled material can be versatile. Fashion jewellery, mainly necklaces are hand made by Lorena Giuffrida. A new life for tubes with a glam touch. 

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