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Jail Tailoring: Sartoria Sanvittore

We all know the importance of work as a tool for social reintegration for detainees. This concept is the root of Cooperativa Alice a social cooperative working in Sanvittore and  Bollate detention centers both in the Milan area. They run three workshops, two within the prison premises and one outside, employing detainees and professionals, tailoring for third parties and their own fashion and bridal collections.

In September 2010 the opened a shop called Sartoria Sanvittore, as their line to commercialize both their collection.

On may 25th, they presented the bridal collection, now available at Sartoria Sanvittore in Via terraggio 28, 20123 Milan.

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Fair Trade, Weddings and Style

It was 1995 when a small group of people started a cultural association named “Cose dell’altro Mondo“. It was one of the first Fair Trade experiences in Milan. Later, after having opened in 2001 a new space all dedicated to weddings, in 2004 they launched the first Fair Trade clothes collection in Italy branded as “L’Orlo del Mondo“, that in 2008 become an exclusive wedding gowns collection.  

Behind this new direction there are different people and professionals. The clothes are all made in India by the artisans of Craft Resource Center – CRC, a Fair Trade Organization member of WFTO (the World Fair Trade Organization) since 2004. Every part of the dressed are hand made, from the fabric – mainly handwoven silks – to the embroidery then stitched and sewed together by master tailors in the outskirts of Kolkata. All designs and patterns are realized by the Cose dell’altro Mondo staff with the consultancy of Andrea Orazi. L’Orlo del Mondo wedding dresses are simple and charming with light embroidery in pastel colours. The fabrics are mainly off-white or cream doupion and khadi silks with some inserts of Aimsha silk – realized without killing the bug.L'Orlo del Mondo

Obviously in a wedding the dress is probably one of the most important parts, but of course there is much much more. Gifts for each invitee (“bomboniere” in Italian); traditional almond or chocolate candies, invitation cards, wedding gifts and accessories for maids of honor and groom’s moms.

All together a great and unique Fair Trade experience.

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