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Gomitolo Rosa: a pink wool ball against cancer

Women must weave their own health.

A simple thing like pink wool balls – Gomitolo Rosa – will become a new fundraising tool for many italian organizations involved in fighting brast cancer and for its prevention.

The intent is to meet the needs of two very different groups: the organizations’ need for funds and the wool growers’ need of making a profit (and not a loss) from their sheep wool. This last is a known issue in the textile industry. Since few years now both the Italian and the European legislation consider wool as a special refuse (before was already a byproduct) therefor cannot be left in the fields or burned. In Italy there are only a couple of projects trying to give back its value to local wool: the Consortium Arianne (see a previous post: b-origin italian wool for italian wholegarments) and Biella The Wool Company.

This last is a not-for-profit company created by a group of experts from small and medium wool companies from the Biella Textile District. It offers its services directly to wool growers on the entire wool production chain. The Company guarantees the full teachability of all its products, in full respect of people and environment.

Fundraising it is, beside the issue they fight for, the main concern for voluntary based organizations. In this case the idea was to give visibility and support to wool growers while creating a nonperishable fundraising good. The “Gomitolo Rosa” is all this. By selling wool balls, in all their public initiatives  the organizations want to encourage people to take advantage of the wool and make something out of it. Knitting, DIY and regaining the freedom on creating things with our hands, this is the push behind the support one can give to the fight against brast cancer by getting the “Gomitolo Rosa“.

All together a great example of how an excellence (Italian Wool) can turn into a solidarity tool. At the end a win win project for all people, organizations and companies involved.

a colourful White Show @ Milan Fashion Week

This Fall/Winter 2012/13 Fashion Week in Milan arrived at its close just yesterday and it’s now time to try to evaluate how sustainability was felt and its promoters lived the show.

Many articles wrote about the lack of foreign visitors, about the absence of the Japanese and how the Chinese invasion they expected did not happen. Despite this dark perspectives, the presence of national and international buyers, top journalist and bloggers in town was clearly felt and the visit they all paid to White is a clear sign that this event remains the place where to find new tendencies and most creative design.

It was not a case that most, if not all, sustainable brands did choose this particular show to promote themselves and their collections. Beside the well established and strongly present C.L.A.S.S. section (with 13 exhibitors), the event could count on 11 brands for which design and product really merge with attention to people and environment, that counts for around 10% of all exhibitors.

Material research, traditional craftsmen skills and innovative design where the key aspects an which all brands developed their new collections. Claudio Cutuli scarves and their secular vegetable dyeing tradition, Silent People extracting all possible beauty from old leather garments turning them into bags and purses or Sennes giving new life to portuguese wool production creating elegant accessories, these just few examples of how sustainability can actually be conjugated to create beautiful fashion.

The outcomes of the meeting between design and artisanal work in two collaborations were very impressing: Dalaleo joined with Michela Bruni to create an incredible new line of fashion jewellery. km/a consolidate their partnership with Italian shoe artist/artisan Andrea Verdura in a collection where leather and reclaimed material really find new a connection.

Stay tuned for more news on selected brands.

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