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From People Tree to Alberta Ferretti: a new journey for Emma Watson in Sustainable Fashion

Soon after the presentation of People Tree SS11 collection -third collaboration between the Fair Trade brand and Emma Watson- rumors started about a possible new capsule by the Harry Potter heroine and Italian designer Alberta Ferretti.

Of course Emma Watson objective was to continue the teenage sustainable fashion propaganda she started with People Tree. Doing this with a designer like Alberta Ferretti gave a new and fresh look to the entire collection keeping the style sophisticated, young and sustainable.

Below, Mrs. Ferretti spoke with on Watson’s style, their collaboration, and her own long-standing environmentalism.

How did you come to work with Emma Watson?
Emma and I have a long relationship that dates back to when I dressed her for the promotion of her first Harry Potter film. Since then, we have been in touch and I was very struck by her collaboration with People Tree. I think she is very serious, intelligent, and extremely talented. She was an obvious choice for me on this project as we share a deep sensibility for the green cause.

How would you describe her style? How did it gel with your own aesthetic?
Emma is a fresh, serene, and intelligent young woman who has a very sophisticated style. She is a young woman who lives life to the full: She is dedicated professionally, involved socially, and is intriguing and cool. We both wanted the collection to be easy to wear and accessible to a wide range of the public. The main inspiration that came directly from Emma was the Jane Birkin mood, typical of London in the late 1970’s, which came when she saw [my] Spring ‘11 collection. However, the collection shows the unmistakable feminine and romantic style of Alberta Ferretti. The two came together in the shared concept of feminine style.

Has ecological fashion been a long-term goal of yours?
Concerns with the environment have always been important to me, and over the years I have been involved in a number of projects. I was born near the sea, I live surrounded by nature, and I am particularly close to the environment and sensitive to ecological problems. The event that made me really think was the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster off the American coast last year. As a designer I felt it was important for me to create a line of clothing that would demonstrate my commitment to eco-friendly principles. The materials used for this collection are entirely organic, and every process is environmentally friendly, from the growing of the cotton down to the dyeing of the fabrics.

Pure Threads collection is available online at, a portion of profits will be used to support the work of people tree foundation.

This 5 pieces capsule collection is a very significant for Ethical Fashion in Italy. It is the first effort of a major italian designer in this direction, now that Sustainability is becoming more and more relevant in people’s everyday life. Hopefully this is just beginning of a series of steps in tuning-up Italian Fashion and Sustainability.

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